What is Metamorphosis 

    “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection” — Johan Hari, 

    “Chasing the scream: The Last days of the war on drugs”, 2015



    Metamorphosis is a peer driven and peer delivered lived experienced charity and non profit organisation working in Lancaster and beyond.  Our aim is to tackle two of the most challenging barriers that face people recovering from an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and other drugs, barriers which often lead to relapse  - low self esteem and social exclusion.  Our flagship project, Open Cinema, was designed to help prevent relapse by connecting people with recovery needs to people with recovery assets.  We aim to transform the lives of people in recovery from harmful health behaviours through the power of cinema and connectedness.   

    Open Cinema is a safe place where isolation becomes inclusion and strangers become friends. We provide free access to film screenings and film related events for people to socialise and support each other. Our vision is of Lancashire as a place where people seeking recovery will find it, and the stigma of addiction will be overcome.  We have been generating sustained and visible recovery since September 2015.


    Our mission is to prevent relapse, generate sustained and visible recovery and challenge stigma.  This is achieved by providing a community resource that fosters positive relationships based on shared meaningful activity.  “We pride ourselves on providing people with an alternative to the alternative that literally tackles the causes of the causes.”  

    Where Metamorphosis is different from other peer support groups is that our support and connection is based around watching and discussing films that can inspire with stories of resilience and strength.  They can foster hope and encourage people to aspire to lives that may not yet have been lived.  In providing access to this most democratic and international of art forms and most popular cultural pursuit of our times,  we complement and provide added-value to the addiction treatment services and groups such as AA, NA and CA.