Open Book - from pages to pictures! 

    Lancaster’s newest book group for people who love books as much as films.  

    Have you ever seen a movie adaptation and thought "I wonder what the book was like?"  Or read a book and thought "that would be an incredible film".

    Open Book is for people who want to critique a book that has been adapted for the big screen. We discuss whether the adaptation was successful and which medium told the story best. What was the most successful aspect of the book's translation? What didn't work so well?

    This book group meets once per month, during the day of the last Wednesday of the month at 4.00pm.   Anyone and everyone is welcome. It's obviously easier to join in if you've both read the book and seen the film, but don't worry if you don't manage to read the book you're still encouraged to join us for the film!

    We want to welcome everyone to our group no matter how much or how little you have read in the past.  Running alongside Open Cinema, you get to compare the book to the film.