Reel At The Rehab 

    Every Friday we take the community cinema into the community at Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community (LHTC).  

    Metamorphosis Open Cinema, was established by an ex-resident of LHTC to provide people in recovery with a community resource that fosters positive relationships based on shared meaningful activity. As such it aims to tackle barriers people often face in early recovery from their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol including: social exclusion and low self-esteem. Watching films can inspire with stories of resilience and strength. They can foster hope and encourage people to aspire to lives that may not yet have been lived. The partnership that has developed between LHTC and Metamorphosis has been very well received by residents and those leaving LHTC are beginning to access the community cinema after leaving rehab. We believe this sort of joined up thinking and working supports people as they re-establish themselves in the local community.