There are lots of ways you can help to support us so that we can continue to provide people in or seeking recovery with something to do and support them to develop friendships and relationships and lead fulfilling social lives.

    We are always on the lookout for help and support! 

    We understand that your time will be limited, but we are keen to use your help and, we hope, find something interesting for you to do.  Broadly our activities fall into a number of strands of work, which include:

    Programming films, researching and suggesting films to match the interests of our audience  

    Marketing and publicity, which includes emails, website, Facebook, twitter, press, etc. 

    Events, including check-in, meeting and greeting, introducing the evening, music and other  'added extras'

    Artwork, including e-posters, e-mails, website resources,etc. 

    Venues – growing the range of suitable venues

    Screening – setting up and operating the screening equipment.